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Episode 39: Three times is a charm

March 27, 2015

And again, you just get me, tini. Sorry! I was sick again and now Maria had to go to Sweden due to urgent family matters and I’m so busy, that we just couldn’t find the time to record together but will be soon.

Here’s a link to the episode or you can get it via itunes.


I’m talking about

Drops 119-43
5hr baby boy sweater
follow your arrow 2 by Ysolda Teague


I’m working on some pjs for me using fabric from Wazoodle

Still working on the mystery fiber and ‘m not happy with the thickness of the yarn

Life with twins

I talk about M. and E. a bit
Inspired by

today I’m inspired by Kayy the sewing lawery

And at the end I tell you about Marias great new online fitting class. Go, sign up today!

Episode 38 Another one on my own

January 13, 2015

Hi everybody, I (tini) still have computer problems.While it is working, the headphone outlet is messed up, so I can’t record with Maria.

Plus before Christmas and after it as well it has been a) birthday season and b) I was pretty sick with a bad bad cold.

So, you can find another solo episode here or via itunes

But I have been knitting like crazy: Things I’ve been working on
The wallpaper had it coming mittens



Fish lip kiss heel socks using Biscotte et cie. yarn that I got for free to review

Gingko leaves shawlette

Abstract leaves cowl



Drops-blanket using leftover sockyarn


More dresses for the girls including the christmas dresses 2014 For the kids I mostly use ottobre patterns


A little spinning on some mystery fibre after I borrowed a drumcarder and carded it. Hopefully will be socks one day Dyeing I dyed some fibre that I got at the woolfest in 2011

Episode 36: A short solo

October 17, 2014

My (that is tini) PC is broken, so you get a short solo episode recorded with my iphone.

You can find the episode here or via itunes.

I talk about


Folded by Veera Välimäki
Meret by Wooly Wormhead

I so want to make Hitofude next!


I made dresses for the girls using Ottobre patterns and a small shirt for the newborn daughter of a friend of mine

you can find my personal blog at if you want to find pictures of the yummy yarn I bought!

Episode 35: Eventually there is crafting content

October 17, 2014

Welcome on board


Tini has finally finished her “it cannot fail to please” and is so so happy about it.


The embossed leave socks by Mona Schmidt are also done and have been worn already (it’s getting cooler here!)

Then tini finished not one but two Milo-vests by Georgy Hallam and is certain, that the pattern is one of the coolest things to knit as a gift for new parents.

Then there had to be more remnant-knitting! And tini made the Riverbedsocks by Cat Bordhi and it took 4 socks to make a pair.

Since the never ending sweater is off the needles it was time to take on another crazy project and so tini is knitting Folded by Veera Välimäki out of Wollmeise on 3mm needles!

And there can’t be a time without socks on the needles, so tini is knitting Hermiones everyday socks out of handdyed yarn by the German dyer “Spinning Martha”

Then there was the Wollfest in Hamburg and it was great. Tini took classes with Ysolda Teague, Yarnissima and saw Stephen West (but was too shy to talk to him)! The classes were awesome and there was so much great great great yarn.


Tini has made dresses for the kids using a pattern by Ottobre winter 2013 (or so). And bought tons of fabric for more dresses since one of the girls prefers dresses now.

Another project was a bonnet using leftovers from the Polly shirtS. There was a second incarnation.


On the horizon

Tini is excited about colourwork and plans on knitting sweaters with snowflakes for the girls.

Life in General

Tini fell off a cherry tree and had really bad bruises.

But worse was the accute hearing loss and the following testing, that was necessary

Episode 34: We’re on the road to tangents!

July 3, 2014

Find the episode here or via itunes

Welcome on board









Tini has nearly finished her “it cannot fail to please” from “a stitch in time vol1″ by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller out of mystery yarn.

The Blender socks are also done and are very colourful but she got to delete 3 stash entries, which made her very happy and the second zuzus petals cowl by Carina Spencer out of Online Yarn is also done and was well received by the giftee

During her stay in Denmark Tini nearly finished Leftie by Martina Behm out of UK Alpaca sock yarn, it’s done now and her stash numbers are finally decreasing!

The only thing left on the needles is a pair of socks called “embossed leaves” by Mona Schmidt out of the book “Favourite socks by interweave” out of Regia in a dark green, that has been lingering in the stash.

Maria has actually done some knitting on her colour affection by Veera Välimäki


Tini has finally finished the 1973 Kwik Sew Jeans pattern No.  401 or so. It’s kind of too big at the waist now :(

Of course there’s a new project at tinis house, it’s “Polly” by “by hand London”

Maria has a new pattern out, called Signe Dress and Top a really great halterneck top/dress, for the indie pattern month she sewed the Charlotte skirt by “by hand london”

Other than that she has sewn a ton of samples.


Tour de Fleece is starting! Tini is Captain of the Team Yeti

Inspired by

Tini is inspired by the Summer Sew along from the Fluffy Fibers Podcast

episode 33: Jeans!

May 12, 2014

Find the newest episode here or via itunes (see link on the right)

Welcome on board



Tini is again knitting like crazy (thus no time to sew or energy to sew)
She is not surprisingly still working on “it cannot fail to please” from ” A stitch in time Vol 1″ by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller.
Yarn: Mystery yarn without label but has Bamboo in it.

She has finished a pair of vanilla socks, using the crystal heel from the crystal socklets by Lynn DT Hershberger. The yarn used is “Mayflower Strömpegarn” a Danish yarn.

More exiting is her newest “cowl” called Zuzus petals by Carina Spencer. A great pattern for using up small amounts of yarn. The yarn Tini used for her version is handspun Merino, dyed by Lollipop yarns. Now that she “got” how the pattern works, she cast on another one for a friends birthday (yarn Online 157 Tessa, overdyed by her).

Since it seems Tini has no yarn in her stash, she started a pair of vanilla socks using leftover sock yarn and the Blender Socks recipe by Heather Sebastian for blending in colours and the socks are SO much fun. Plus she will be able to delete 3 stash entries once the socks are done. Whoo Hoo!

Tini was also fortunate enough to do an interview with Martina Behm for her German podcast.


All sewing that has too place at chez Tini has been work on the 1973 Kwik Sew Jeans pattern No.  401 or so.

Oh wait, there have been leather slippers of course and there’s not much leather left. Whoo hoo again!

Maria has sewn tons of samples esp. for Jeans and has developed a new design, that will be published soon called “Tuesday night skirt”. She participates in me made may again.

For a class Maria has made a tube top.

It is Indie Sewing month and there are 4 big SAL, so head over and read about your chance to win cool prizes. And there’s a great interview with Maria at Sindbad and Sailor.

On the horizon


Maria is going to work on her new designs.


Birgitte Basic Tee- Shirts!

Day to night drape shirt made into dress

Sunhats for the kids


I’ve got a notion

Tini talks about a little gaget, that came with her sewing machine.

Life in Europe

We talk about the ESC.





Episode 32: clic, clic, beep beep and bread

March 23, 2014

Find the episode here or via itunes

Welcome on board




Tini has been knitting like mad. Here’s her list:

Pomatomus socks by cookie A.

Linnie by Justyna Lorkowska

Plain vanilla socks featuring the crystal heel from the crystal socklets (Knitty spring/summer 2012) by Lynn Hershberger. Tini mentiones the shop of Nicole C. Mendez on Etsy

More plain vanilla socks using yarn gifted by raveller Emilshaus

Rustling leaves beret by Alana Dakos from Coastal knits

It cannot fail to please from Susan Crawford and Jane Waller from A stitch in Time Vol.1

We talk about the yarnbombing in Berlin during the Olympic games organized greatly by Distelfliege. See the flickr pictures here.

Maria sadly was injured and hasn’t been knitting at all.



Maria has released two new patterns called  Olivia oversized tee with sleeves with Kimono sleeves and the Pernille Pencil dress

She is working on ebooks for workshops (in Danish, if you are attending Marias workshop in Denmark)

Maria also sews pouches as samples for the workshops.

Big news from Maria, she is working on a Danish online sewing magazine called


Tini has been sewing more like usuals. She finished the Day to night drape top by Maria with the sleeves from the Birgitte basic tee

and is working on a “Safari” Dress from Ottobre 2005 for the twins from stash fabric.  Tini mentiones the 2014: 14 Punkte challenge on the German Podcast group on Ravelry (Podcasting auf Deutsch)

Tini has been working on a 1973 kwik sew jeans pattern at the workshop in Denmark

On the horizon


Birgitte tees

Blazer jacket by burda

new webshop

new patterns, which are in the draft


More leather slippers

Brown eyed susan from Jujus Loops

Inspired by


Raveller Dzet from What’s in a tree house

Great British sewing bee

Life in Denmark/Life in Germany



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