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13: The one with the Giant Ball of Yarn

June 8, 2012

Listen at Itunes or find the episode HERE.

Sorry about the clicking sound of the needles – at least you can hear that we actually knit…

In the same room – and a Giant Yarn Ball


Maria drove almost across Denmark (which is very small so it isn’t as long as it sounds) to be with Tini and her family who were on vacation in Denmark.

On the Needles, Under the Needles

Tini has actually finished stuff! Her Zig-Zag top is done, so are her Sidestream socks  (which she wore as we recorded) and her La digitessa socks. She also finished the Kirsten-Tee (pattern by Maria and available for free) but the cat has slept on it and it’s full of cat hair, so there’s no picture yet.

Maria had finished the Owl Sweater by Kate Davies but it was too poofy, so it became a giant ball of yarn again (done by the fearless Tini).

Maria has finished sewing the Minoru-Jacket, which we did a photoshoot on, and she was also wearing one of her Kirsten Kimono Tees.

Silvery Minoru Jacket and purple dotted Kirsten Kimono Tee (and goofy attitude:-))

As for WIPs. Maria is knitting a Buzzbee hat and is also working on a boot sock and Tini is knitting “one never tires of ribbing” by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller and is really doubting, that one does never tire of ribbing since it does take a whole lot of time. With that she i a new purling technique called “eastener“.   She also knits on her first colourwork project, the Camilla mittens by Spilly Jane.

Tiny is still working on finishing the quilt for her sister.

Maria is currently designing new patterns and working on the prototypes for an A-line skirt and  t-shirt combination pattern.

On the Horizon

Maria is going to finish sewing the dress that she didn’t finish for the non-firmation, and continue working on the skirt and t-shirt prototypes. Knitting-wise, she was inspired by listening to the Hoxton Handmade podcast in the car while driving to see Tini, and now she wants to copy Hoxton Handmade and knit a baby blanket inspired by the Wool Leaves pattern by Jared Flood. And also more baby stuff, since her sister-in-law actually asked for knitwear for the baby!

Tini is going to make the arch shaped socks by Jen Showalter (idea stolen from the Knit 1 Geek 2 podcast), she also mentioned the Pyroclastic socks. Also Tini wants to make another Kimoo Tee, but this time in a smaller size and with a full bust alteration. She also dreams about finishing some trousers and she has plans for some fabric with printed Fly Agaric to make dresses for the girls.

We talked about going to the Ho Strik store, but it turned out is was closed.

I’ve got a notion

Tini talks about the Knit Pro /Knit Picks Chart Keeper, which she likes, but she wishes she had gotten a bigger size.

Maria’s notion is dressmakers tracing paper, which is used for marking fabric, with the help of a tracing wheel.

We also talked about how you should always try everything on a scrap of fabric when you sew!

The unconventional yarn winding set-up. And the twins:-)

And we talked about how Maria used two strands of ordinary sewing thread instead of topstittching thread and used two different shades of grey – which gave a very nice look.

Life in Denmark – Life in Germany

We talked about Maria’s son’s Non-firmation, which is a sort of a non-religious confirmation, a rite of passage.

Maria and Tini discuss customs at formal events like weddings in Denmark and in Germany. In Denmark they sit down for dinner for hours, and sing a lot of songs written for the occasion. We also talked about Polterabends – both German and Danish.

The next Day

We had forgot talking about the fact that Tini finished the Zig Zag top by Marianne Isager – and we talked about her winding the yarn for her arch shaped socks in a very untraditional way.

Then we talked about the fact that we did actually frog the Owl Sweater – and we made a big ball of yarn…


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Thank you for listening!

The song

Being very silly, we made this song using an app on the phone. We thought it was hilarious – and maybe you will too….  Listen H E R E!!

It’s a Giant Yarn Ball

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  1. August 31, 2012 11:41 am

    I feel like I am in very good company when I listen to your podcast.
    And I loved the song 😀 – Nice to know that there are others out there (and not far away).

    • September 4, 2012 11:32 am

      Tak, Mette:-)
      Er I begyndt at podcaste igen? Jeg synes ikke jeg kan finde Strikorama på Itunes mere?


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