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15: The one with the cursed slipper

July 29, 2012

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Welcome all!

Thank you to everybody who commented here and in the Ravelry group.

And special thank yous to Yarngasm, A Playful Day and Imake for playing our promo! ANd welcome to the new listeners who came because of the promoes!

Off, on and under the needles:

Tini finished the cursed green leather slippers for M. using the Gut-Bepuscht Ebook from Farbenmix (but had a bit of trouble)

Maria has sewn tons of t-shirts and some skirts for new patterns. Tini finished two Turn a square hats.

Tini is knitting Arcadia by Janel Laidman from The Sockreport (which we talked about in last episode).

Maria has been working on the Short row cardigan, the 5 hour baby sweater and the Colour Affection shawl.

The shawl will be frogged, because the colour combination in wrong. Please give us  your input as to what colours Maria should be using.

The Colour Affection shawl. Too little contrasting going on.

Tini is also working on Plain gray toe-up sock for her father, using the pattern Sport Weight Toe-up Socks with Gusset Heel by Wendy D. Johnson and has been sewing on the quilt which is almost done!

On the horizon:

Maria wants to finish the dress, finish Carlas Cardi and then she is working on some ideas for a sewing pattern book with gift ideas.

Tini is in the Ravellenic games and is tackling WIPS. SHe would like to finish ONe never tires of ribbing and Arcadia.


A lot of spinning got done by Tini during Tour de Fleece. This is, what she started out with

but then had to re-think one choice and started spinning a very greasy fleece or better prepared roving (Tini is still mad, that she has paid someone to wash and card her fleece and got such a greasy fleece back). The fleece is a BFL-Merino mix, that she got at woolfest last year when she visited with Sarah-Jane, Babro and Malin

I’ve got a notion

Maria’s notion is a rotary cutter, Tini talked about re-reading old magazines for inspiration.

Life in Europe – (Very Prejudiced!)

Germans are efficient and punctual but not very nice, French people are relaxed, but not very efficient, Danes party a lot and have a relaxed attitude… Or not.. We talk about prejudices.

Twins (and Teens)

The Twins just turned two. M has started referring to herself as Nina (which is not close to her name) and E has become dry.

It’s nice to take walks with a teenage boy, it’ a great way to get to talk to each other.


You can e-mail us at

Tini’s blog is “Tini’s World of Crafts“.

Maria’s blog is “MariaDenmark: Wool and Weeds

We have a Ravelry Group.

And we are Tini and MariaDenmark on Ravelry  (be our friends!).

You can also follow Maria on Twitter!

Thank you for listening!

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