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Episode 17: The one with a bit of crochet

October 2, 2012

Find this episode here or here (iTunes).

Welcome to a short episode this time – we were having some difficulties finding time to record, so this will have to do.

On/off and under the needles
Tini finially finished her One never tires of ribbing by Susan Crawford from “A Stitch In Time II”. GO BUY THAT BOOK!

(Tini’s new sweater! Finally done)

Also on Tinis needles, Arcadia from “the sock report” which we reviewed in an earlier episode. Since there’s very little left to do, you can expect the shawl in the next “off the needles” segment 🙂

There’s also a bit about the Norwegian Sweet Baby cap, that Maria thinks, should be named differently – since it’s definitely not just Norwegian. Maria’s grandmother used to knit them all the time.

Maria finished Carlas Cardigan and is working on the 5hr baby cardigan for her nephew/niece to be.

Tini talked about being frugal by unravelling a cashmere jumper she got from a friends (it was filled with moth holes) and then she plied the yarn strands to make a nice yarn – now she has 700 yards of cashmere.. maybe for a cowl. We talk about luxury yarn and discuss if we should make a luxury knit along…. What do you think?


Off the computer :-): Maria published her new pattern, the Yasmin Yoke Skirt (also found at Craftsy) !

Also Maria announced that she quit her job and is going to be her own boss now! (BTW she is celebrating with a give-away on her blog.. Go participate)

(The new pattern)

Tini is currently not working on the quilt (thank you for asking 😉 ) but has nearly finished a pair of TNT (tried and true) wide legged trousers using a pattern from Knip Mode

The video Tini mentions (about how to do a Fly Front Zipper) is this one, by Sandra Betzina.

On the horizon (even if we didn’t call the segment that)

Tini wants to make this awesome coat by Simplicity 2508

Maria is working on her autumn wardrobe and is making more t-shirts (from Birgitte Basic Tee), wants to make a fake leather skinny pants and also a pencil skirt.


Tini has been crocheting! She didn’t really feel like she succeeded, though, Maria will have to help her:-)

Inspired By..

Tini is very inspired by the fabulous twisted dolman sleeve t-shirt she saw on the Rhonda’s Creative Life blog.

I’ve got a notion..

Tini talks about a teflon pressing sheet and her silk organza pressing cloth.

Maria talks about her pressing roll – which she made a tutorial for, even though it’s not really necessary.


Thank you for listening.

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