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Episode 18: The one with Dr. Martens shoes

October 25, 2012

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Off the needles

Tini finally has finished her Arcadia Shawl by Janel Laidman from the Sock report, that you are most likely pretty bored with by this point but it is finished blocked and has been worn several times already

The Arcadia shawl

Wollmeise is pretty hard to capture in pictures….

Maria finished the cardigan for her newborn niece, who is called Sofie. The pattern is the Baby boy 5- hour Sweater by Gail Bable

The 5 hour baby sweater (and that’s about right – if you always remember to bring your extra skein of yarn and actually knit on it)

The Scandinavian Baby Cap   also was finished by Tini and took up less yarn then expected.

There has been gift knitting and Tini finished two washcloth mittens out of some deep stash cotton yarn.

There’s been progress sewingwise: The Knipmoden trousers are finally done! Now we just need a picture.

Maria has also finished the Jersey-Cover for the breastfeading pillow and a pair of 1 seam baby pants using MiniKrea 10400 It took Maria a wooping 36minutes to finish it.

And the next pair of leather slippers has been sewn by Tini as well.




On and under the needles

Maria is knitting on another Buzzbee hat by Wooly Wormhead.

Knittingwise Tini has picked up the boring gray socks for her Dads Birthday (which is at the beginning of Decembre). Plain vanilla toe up socks using a 6ply light gray Opal yarn.
The only slightly interesting fact about these is the sweet tomato heel by Cat Bordhi, which Tini incoporates into a heel-flap heel. And there’s a pair of felted slippers on the 8mm DPN set, that came with the package of felting yarn Tini bought recently.

When it comes to sewing, Tini is done with the quilting of the quilt of doom and now the quilt just needs a binding and it will be done!


Other crafty adventures

Maria wants to give up buying new clothes in 2013! We mention the Nicole from the Stash and Burn Podcast.

The reason why Tini hasn’t done more sewing or knitting within the last month is, that she is frantically doing counted cross stitch embroidery, so that the Advent calendar for the twins will be ready on Decembre 1st. The Advent calender is a complete package from Permin of copenhagen and features a Jule Nisse.


On the horizon

After purchasing more yarn from a destash, Tini reaaaallly needs to knit more sweaters. She’s dreaming about starting the Briar Rose Tunic by Elisabeth F. Parker from the Winter 2011 issue of Interweave knits out of an Alpaca-wool blend. Tini also mentions her Hallet’s Ledge Also there are the annual christmas dresses that will have to be sewn soon for the twins as well as the winter coat. There’s a mentioning of Ottobre magazine

Maria is drafting a waterfall-neckline top and wants to sew that out of a nice rayon jersey.



Inspired by

Tini’s totally inspired by her friend Ute, who has a gorgeous blog at Suo ergo sum. Also she’s inspired by fall and wants to make all the sweaters NOW.

Maria spend a weekend with patternreview friends in Barcelona and met up with the incredible designer Paco Peralta. She was gifted 2 patterns and is totally inspired by them. Maria also took an interview with Paco, that will air as a bonus episode soon!

I’ve got a notion

Marias favourite notion is a flexible ruler, to get of the right curve for the crotch seam.

Tini’s favourite notion is the Prym Needle twister


Life in Denmark/Life in Germany

We talk about Halloween in Denmark and in Germany


Other stuff we mention

Dr. Martens esp. the Dr. Martens Sylvie shoes.

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  1. December 5, 2012 5:44 pm

    Shortly after returning from Germany to visit my husband’s family, I was very amused to find an Aldi in the US very close to my house. They are pretty uncommon though.


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