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Episode 19: The one where we can’t speak

December 1, 2012

Welcome to episode 19 – a little late, but long, and hopefully worth the wait!

Find this episode here and on Itunes!

We mention a lot of new members, and we also talk about how lovely it is to hear from you guys – totally makes our day!

Off,on and under the needles:

Off:Tini has finished a pair of felted slippers (the one from the last episode with the 8mm dpns) and that is all knittingwise that she has finished. We talk about the German need for house-shoes, as mentioned in the article How to be German in 20 easy steps.

Maria is going to be teaching a few knitting and sewing classes in the new year and she has been knitting samples for the knitting classes. She also finished the hat she was working on for Sofie.

Sewing was slow for Tini, the only thing she finished was a needle case for knitting needles. She has also been working on the quilt. Maria has made trousers  from the new pattern she released – and has been finishing the very detailed instructions. Also she is doing a trouser fit-n-sew-along on her blog, which is also a big project! Besides that, she has been sewing some drape front tops, or waterfall tops as we call them, which are the next pattern to be released.

On and under the needless:

Tini is still working on the boring gray socks for her dad, featuring the sweet tomato heel by Cat Bordhi. The only new thing on the needles is a pair of Knotty Gloves, a free pattern by Julia Müller/Laris Design.

Maria is not knitting actively on anything except samples right now, but she is sewing a bathrobe for Rasmus – her 15 yo son.

Tini traced and cut out the fabric for christmas dresses for the girls, using MiniKrea 20002. In a Christmas red crushed velvet. Which means we are both working on something for our kids – which is very unusual, as none of us really do that normally..

On the horizon

Tini has bought MORE yarn and is planning to knit a Spectra by Stephen West. And she is going to finish the girl’s dresses.

Maria will finish the bathrobe for Rasmus and finish another waterfall top. Also she might be making new pillows (!!) and  a christmas apron for her mother.

I’ve got a notion
Tini bought herself a new Ipod touch and is quite smitten! And is absolutely happy, that she now can listen to more Harry Dresden Books

Maria has borrowed a Coverstitch Machine (Bernina 009DCC), which is making her happy.

Other crafty adventures
Tini has finished her Advent Calendar (package by Permin of Copenhagen)

Life in Denmark/life in Germany

We talk a bit about Advent Calendars (including hidden doctor bags), advent wraiths and cookies, esp. the ones that include lard…. I’m still looking for an English recipe, so the link is for a German translation…

We talk about different ways of decorating and if you’d like to see more of a Danish christmas – here’s is a post about Marias typical Danish Christmas two years ago.

Tini actually knows a lot more about Danish cookies than Maria. She makes all kinds of cookies and even met up with friends – without kids – to bake cookies. We also talk about, where Maria has an account (as MariaDenmark, as always).

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  1. Kirsten permalink
    December 3, 2012 6:42 am

    Thank you for another great podcast, I really enjoy listening while I sit and knit.
    When you refer to twigs for the purpose of creating a new plant they are called “cuttings”


  2. December 4, 2012 8:51 am

    Thank you, Kirsten! That’s the word I was looking for!


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