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Episode 21. The one with the cat that was once male

February 4, 2013

You can listen to the episode here or via itunes



The quilt of doom – finally finished and delivered

A bit hello to all new listeners and group members:


And a big HI to Kvitsvarts husband, who listens along although he pretends not to.

The Knitmoregirls purloined the “I’ve got a notion” segment in their latest episode. Thank you!

On/off/under the needles


As a christmas goodie Maria offered a pattern for fleece socks (now available as very inexpensive pattern for sale!) so she made a couple (thousands!) of those.

Maria has accepted a sewing dare and made some colourful lounge trousers and a coordinating top. The pattern will be released at some point soon.


Tini finished a whole lot of stuff. She put herself on a dare to sew up all the fabric in her craft room (not all her stash, easy now!) before they remodel the addict.

The quilt of doom has been finished and delivered

Tinis day-to-night top has also been sewn and came out lovely.

Maria participated in  Jungle January and sewed up a leopard pencil skirt – which she wore for the christening of her Goddaughter. 2B

Maria Apologizes for being totally out of line – it wasn’t Italian women she meant to describe- she was thinking about some of the women in My Big Fat Greek Wedding! (so she just offended some greek-americans – SORRY! Totes didn’t mean to!)

(And we jumped a tangent on the show and talked about the different Baptism Rites of Denmark and Germany – so it’s Life in Denmark/Life in Germany)
As a last minute gift for Christmas Tini made some wristwarmers out of some leftover wool felt. The pattern was an Adventcalendar freebie from Farbenmix but it’s available for sale as well.

Maria made a playing blanket for Sofie, with (not over the top cute, just cute) Winnie the Pooh fabric and matching fleece fabric. She also got all teh guests at the party to paint a square of cotton each, which she’ll sew into a blanket for Sofie – sometime before Sofies Confirmation…

The twins actually got to wear the Minikrea 20002 dresses for Grandma’s birthday and christmas.

For her friends little daugther Tini made another sleeping bag using a burda 2652 pattern (looooong OOP), that she had used 5 or 6 times already (at least).

She also revisited ottobre pattern no. 9 from their issue 03/2004 twice.

Maria also made some cool box bags as samples for her sewing class, and a costumer tried to steal it (not really).boxbag


The velvet Christmas dress (and some content from the doctor bag

Then there was knitting! At least Tini did a whole bunch!

Also (not mentioned in the podcast, because Maria forgot) Maria also actually finished some knitting: 2 pairs of mitts – one for her FIL and one for her husband.

Tini mentions the UILI Challenge by the Stash and Burn Podcast Group.
Tini finished the Riverton Cowl by Valerie Hobbs and the Pretty Thing Cowl by the Yarn Harlot. The latter was made out of Qiviut, a gift from Maria.

For a friends birthday, Tini pulled out some oooooold Trekking XXL and made a pair of Monkey Socks by Cookie A.

Spinningwise: Tini spun of green and white Rambouillet Rop by Cloud Lover 69 (available from etsy) and some lambswool roving, that she carded herself on a drumcarder

On/Under the needles and on the wheel

Tini: Still the Spectra by Stephen West and new Levenwick by Gudrun Johnston out of gray handspun Merino.

Under the needle:  Besides tons of mending Tini is working on her quilt of doom no. 1

There’s also more spinning. Tini’s spinning a selfdyed Falkland top, the colourway is called Supernatural in honor of the tv series.

Maria found a project she had forgotten about – the cat face mittens. So she is working a bit on that.

On the horizon

Tini is planning to sew the Onion 1032  out of some bottle green wool felt, that she got on a fabric market in 2012.

Knittingwise Tini plans to make more socks.

Maria has a pencil skirt in fake leather cut out and partly sewn. And she is working on patterns for two dresses (a knit dress and a 50’s styled dress) that are not even in the production plan, but they might be made into patterns, still.

I’ve got a notion

Tini got some really nice Knitpro Karbonz circulars from Maria and her Christmas elf. Maria talk about buying cutting mats marketed for graphic designers at 1/6 of the price for when they are marketed for hobby people.

Life with twins and teens

Tini tells about the girls singing a lot, loud, ALL THE TIME (because they got gifts for singing at Christmas:-)).


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