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Episode 23: The one, where you can win Wollmeise!

April 3, 2013

Find the new episode here or via itunes!

Welcome our newest group member: Sandymorris89! Great, that you joined.

We also say thank you for the first donation received! Your donation helps with hosting fees. If you like to win a skein of Wollmeise Suzanne 100% Merino from Tinis stash, please use the donation button on the right hand side of this blog. For each EURO/Dollar you donate, you get one entry into our raffle!

Maria is giving away a seam gauge and a marking pen (chalk) as an incentive as well as a 3 meter long measuring tape in a cute bin for the people who sew.

On/of/under the needles

Tini finished her Spiral rib cowl by Ann Norling from Knit red! out of handspun Polwarth (from cloudlover 69 on etsy in the colourway Absynthe).

Levenwick and spiral rib cowl

Also finished are the stripey socks, but they need to be photographed. (They are drying at the moment). Since there was so much yarn left, she made a simple hat for one of the dolls of the twins out of some of the leftover yarn but there’s still so much yarn left over. There’s another hat done too, so that both kids have one!

Currently work in project for Tini are Maeva by Stefanie Bold from Knitty 2011.

Maria hasn’t fixed her knitting needle, so no work on her Owls sweater but has started a pair of plain vanilla socks in some nice  Ripple crafts hand dyed yarn.

Tini’s revisting Ysolda Teague again. This time she’s knitting Cria from Little red in the city (go, buy the book!)

But there has been sewing for Maria. She has released a new pattern for the Audrey knit pattern. The dress pattern is available in a B-Cup or a C-Cup.

And the patterns have a new way of aligning, so that taping the pattern pieces is so much easier.

Maria is also revealing, who she’s drafting for!

Maria has worked on some trousers and tank-tops.

Tini has finished the UFO-Quilt and Maria has done some crochet for Easter!

Tini’s sewing. Still the blouse Nr. 1 from Ottobre 05/2007. And she has problems! While Maria was waiting for her pattern to arrive, she drafted a pattern for a shirt with cap-sleeves, that she will sew in a red polka dot fabric.

Tini has been spining as well.

I’ve got a notion

Maria has a new sewing machine! She loves her new Pfaff and Tini won’t comment on Pfaffs 😉

Life in Denmark/life in Germany

We talk about Easter in Germany and Denmark and the different traditions

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