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24: The One with the Sourdough

May 13, 2013

Listen here or via Itunes!

What we talked about:


Maria’s Me Made May day 1. Wearing an Audrey dress while having sewing night at the fabric store.

Squee / New members of the Ravelry Group:



Thank you so much for the donations, which will keep us hosted for another year! Yay!

The winners of the donations incentive packages are:

number 19 –  congratulations to Camilla who won a skein of Wollmeise!

number 74 – congratulations to Lisa, who won a sewing notion package!

On/off/under the needles

Maria didn’t knit a thing, but finished some great lounge trousers which she wore on the plane and worked on some modal baggy trousers (modal is a great summer fabric). She also finished a bunch of tank tops from a new pattern she’s releasing. In Bali she had to get extra sewing kits at the hotel so she was able to sew on buttons.

Tini talked about her WIPS: Cria cardigan and Maeva socks. Tini talks about baking with sourdough, which is like a new hobby for her (for Maria it’s just a household chore…). Tini also talks about her Ottobre blouse, which is not really working out for her. She also finished a project bag.

Screen shots from the draw

Screen shots from the draw

Maris’s got a notion

Marias husband made her a height adjustable cutting table – which acts as a dining table as well.

Maria also talked a bit about her vacation to Bali and of course about her vacation souveneir fabric shopping (she went to Alta Moda Textiles in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia)!

A Great Sewing Show:

We talked about The Great British Sewing Bee which we love!! Go watch. It’s great!

Me Made May

Maria is participating in Me-Made-May 2013. The Flickr group where you can see all the participants pictures can be found HERE. Maria’s Me-Made-Mays can be found on her blog and in her Flickr set.

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