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Episode 25: The one with dead flies

June 5, 2013

As always, you can find the episode here or via itunes


A big hi to our new members


On/off/under the needles

Tini finished her Maeva socks, a very cabley sock by Stefanie Bold from the winter 2011 issue of knitty.

Other knitting included 2 dishcloths, using up a ball of sugar and cream cotton and a bit of leftover cotton, so 2 entries less in the stash. The pattern is the double bump dishcloth by Missy Angus. This is one of the project for UILI from the stash and burn listeners group.

Still on the needles is Tinis Cria by Ysolda Teague but it has grown a lot.It’s out of the book: Little red in the city.

Tinis darned blouse (Ottobre 5/2007 model no. 1) is finally finished and the fit is o.k, but there hasn’t been time for a picture (or a haircut, but that is done!)

Tini also finished a bag for her yoga mat, upcycling 2 old pairs of jeans.

Tinis sewing WIP is the Birgitte basic Tee, pattern by Maria using a toadstool patterened fabric.

Maria hasn’t been knitting, but has been making bracelets with yarn (What English term am I looking for?) and also done some crocheting in the fabric store. She has been making muslins for future patterns and also sewed a shirt for her cat that was neutralized and had to be kept from licking the stitches.

Life with twins/teenagers

Tinis twins are “off” dummy, so no naptime anymore. Marias son is growing up!

Life in Eurovisionland

We talk about the Eurovision song contest. Which Denmark won this year – with this song!

We talk about our Eurovision memories.

And also Maria talk about meeting Yixi – a customer and fellow Patternreviewer whom she met up with and had a lovely time meeting!

And again we are talking about sourdough bread!

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  1. Yixi permalink
    June 11, 2013 9:05 pm

    Hi Maria and Tini! Yixi (a.k.a. violinit) here!

    I had such a great time last month traveling Europe on a knitting cruise taught by Stephen West and Ragga Eriksdotter. Meeting up with Maria was the most incredible moment! Maria, you are such a talented super woman with a huge heart! I’m sure Mini is the same. Having twins is more than a fulltime job and I don’t know how you can find time to knit, bake bread and do podcast!

    I love the chatty style and feel like I get to know you both really well. Keep up the good work!

    Love always,
    Yixi from Victoria, BC, Canada

  2. Yixi permalink
    June 11, 2013 9:07 pm

    Sorry, Tini, not Mini :p I wish there was an edit button.

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