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Episode 29: Not 100% family friendly, not the least! (explicit!!)

November 9, 2013

Finally a new episode featuring Maria AND Tini!

Find it here or via itunes:

On/off/under the needles

Since August Tini has been knitting like crazy and has tons of finished objects.

First: The socks out of yarn, bought in Denmark 2 years ago, have beeing finished and there’s also a mini version for little E. now.

Next: Her Dads knitted birthday gift this year won’t be socks but a Jacques Cousteau Hat by Lolla Pohjanpalo, made out of leftovers from a sweater project from a couple of years ago.

Of course there’s been another Double bump wash cloth (and tini’s cotton stash is now reduced to 6 more skeins. YAY!!!).

But more exiting is the first finished brickless by Martina Behm out of overdyed Liza Souza Hardtwist Merino, that tini has finished so far.

The biggest project on tinis needles is Terra by Jacquelyn Jefferies out of deep stash Austermann Microlana. She used the app Knittrick like crazy! Worked very well!

Maria has been knitting! She has taught a sock class (over two Saturdays) and couldn’t find the samples she made last year – so she had to make a new set.. And then she was inspired to finish up the Winter Vanillas… She also (almost) finished the baby cardigan (still needs ends woven in + buttons…) And she got yarn for her birthday, from someone very nice, who knows her very well, and it was perfect for a new color affection, which she just cast on!

Tini has also been sewing, now that the new sewing room is finally finished.

Finished is another Maria Denmark Birgitte Basic Tee, which is Tini’s to-go pattern for t-shirts.

The mending pile in Tinis home is gone and now she is working on her two UFOs. A box bag, that has been cut out for months as well as the Onion 1023 jacket, that has been lying around since the beginning of the year.

Next up will be a knit fabric dress  ( No 5 from the autumn 2013 issue of Ottobre woman)

Maria has been sewing another Paula Pleat Skirt (new pattern, now released) and also she is working on a copy of a Cath Kidston bag in polka dot print – and also working on skinny jeans…. She also made baby clothes for Alvilda

Clothes for niece Alvilda

Clothes for niece Alvilda

Ask us anything

Violinit wanted us to teach a German/Danish word. Since Tini doesn’t know, what the newest cool word in Germany is, she went for “Vollpfosten”, which is an word for idiot.

Maria adds her own Danish words.

We also answer two more questions

I’ve got a notion

Tini talks about the Gleener, a fuzz remover that REALLY works!

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