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30 – The One With Placentas (sorry!)

December 19, 2013

Another episode (warning – we talk about the weather again.-))

Listen HERE or via Itunes.

On/off/under the needles

Maria has been making a little progress on the color affection shawl. She also finished the first cardigan for niece Sofie and started another cardigan in a bigger size as well. (even though Tini thinks she didn’t knit at all…)

Tini has not only finished her Brickless shawl by Martina Behm out of Liza Souza Yarn (overdyed by herself) but has also made another one in a boring gray for a friend, alternating two different dyelots. She also finished the knitting on the Terra sweater – she had to recalculate thr pattern – including the sleeve cap. It worked out! She was also hit by insane-ness and suddenly decided to knit christmas gifts – a hat (ripley by Ysolda Teague) and socks for the kindergarten teachers… Insane!

Maria has been working on a few (upcoming) patterns – a cool (teen-age approved) oversized t-shirt. She has also been experimenting with prints on t-shirt – for instance screen printing at home and stencilling on the fabric. The other pattern is for a raglan sleeved pencil dress for a sweat shirt fabric or ponte knit. And we would like to know what the English word for the fabric we call isoli (sweatshirt fabric, cotton, usually – with a soft brushed wrong side) is? Help us?

Tini got rid of the Onion jacket 1023 she fished out of her UFO box a while ago. So good for her!

She is sewing the annual christmas dresses for the kids (no. 18 from the winter issue 2003 of the ottobre magazine ).From stash fabric (the same as she used for their firs CHristmas dresses).

Maria also made baby bed linen (with owls and embroidery) for the niece that was being baptised on Sunday.  (P.S. The mother liked the set!!!!)

New Years In Denmark and in Germany

If you want to hear about Christmas in Denmark and in Germany – listen to episode 19 and episode 20 (also includes last minute gift ideas!)

We talk about Danes need for watching the Queen’s speach on New Years. Then Tini talk about raclette and fondue.

We talk about TV traditions. We always watch Dinner For One (or 90’th birthday.)

After that, the Danes sing 3 songs. Germans don’t sing:-)

Tini has a notion

A plastic tube with darning needles by Clover called Chibi


We talked about our favourite fashion designers (Maria mentions Baum und Pferdgarden).

AND we also try to answer what has changed in Denmark and Germany since the late 80’s. (A lot!)

We also go into religion and politics – so if you don’t want that, skip this last part…. 🙂

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  1. December 19, 2013 4:03 pm

    The English (well… American) word for the fabric you call isoli (sweatshirt fabric, cotton, usually – with a soft brushed wrong side) is generically “fleece.” However, for people who sew, you might clarify that by calling it cotton fleece or sweatshirt fleece. This is to distinguish it from polyester fleece, such as that used for those ever-popular no-sew fleece tie blankets.

  2. December 20, 2013 8:25 am

    Thanks, Amy! We call the polyester (very warm) fleece, fleece as well. Also very much used for socks, hats and mittens and for warm zip-up cardigans (especially for kids).

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