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Epidsode 31: Baby, you can drive my car (special episode)

February 16, 2014

Today we have a special episode for you. Maria and I together in a car! Not very structured but I hope, still a bit of fun for you until we are all well again and can record again.

team yeti

Find the episode via podbean or via itunes (see right hand bar)

Stuff we talk about:
Pomatomus socks

Terra (we took pictures, but I still have to get the pictures)

Little hearts

Teeny, tiny preemie hats

The kids christmas dresses

My new coverlock


Colour affection

Team Yeti 4 human rights (were tini is a captain and we are showing our support for the people in Russia, suffering from the inhuman laws the Putin regime puts onto the LGTB community and organisations working for human rights)

The ravatar is made by the very talented Distelfliege, host of the “Urbane Spinnstube” podcast¬† If you speak German, go over and listen!

The yarnbombing Distelfliege is organising.

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