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Episode 35: Eventually there is crafting content

October 17, 2014

Welcome on board


Tini has finally finished her “it cannot fail to please” and is so so happy about it.


The embossed leave socks by Mona Schmidt are also done and have been worn already (it’s getting cooler here!)

Then tini finished not one but two Milo-vests by Georgy Hallam and is certain, that the pattern is one of the coolest things to knit as a gift for new parents.

Then there had to be more remnant-knitting! And tini made the Riverbedsocks by Cat Bordhi and it took 4 socks to make a pair.

Since the never ending sweater is off the needles it was time to take on another crazy project and so tini is knitting Folded by Veera Välimäki out of Wollmeise on 3mm needles!

And there can’t be a time without socks on the needles, so tini is knitting Hermiones everyday socks out of handdyed yarn by the German dyer “Spinning Martha”

Then there was the Wollfest in Hamburg and it was great. Tini took classes with Ysolda Teague, Yarnissima and saw Stephen West (but was too shy to talk to him)! The classes were awesome and there was so much great great great yarn.


Tini has made dresses for the kids using a pattern by Ottobre winter 2013 (or so). And bought tons of fabric for more dresses since one of the girls prefers dresses now.

Another project was a bonnet using leftovers from the Polly shirtS. There was a second incarnation.


On the horizon

Tini is excited about colourwork and plans on knitting sweaters with snowflakes for the girls.

Life in General

Tini fell off a cherry tree and had really bad bruises.

But worse was the accute hearing loss and the following testing, that was necessary

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