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The Twin Needle Podcast is a podcast hosted by Tini and Maria about Sewing, knitting, spinning, and living with twins and teenagers in Germany and Denmark, respectively.

We met each other online on in 2003 and when Tini was going on honeymoon to Copenhagen, where Maria lived, we decided to meet up.

We have been friends ever since!

We don’t see each other that often – because we live 4 hours apart – but we write and Skype and sew and knit and chat and laugh a lot!

And now we podcast. We talk about our sewing and knitting adventures, and about life in Germany and Denmark. The podcast is called Twin Needle, because Tini has a set of very lovely twins, born in 2010.

The Podcast can be found on Itunes or listened to directly on Podbean.

Tini’s blog is “Tini’s World of Crafts“.

Maria’s blog is “MariaDenmark: Wool and Weeds

We have a Ravelry Group.

And we are Tini and MariaDenmark on Ravelry  (be our friends!).

You can also follow Maria on Twitter!

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