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Episode 32: clic, clic, beep beep and bread

March 23, 2014

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Welcome on board




Tini has been knitting like mad. Here’s her list:

Pomatomus socks by cookie A.

Linnie by Justyna Lorkowska

Plain vanilla socks featuring the crystal heel from the crystal socklets (Knitty spring/summer 2012) by Lynn Hershberger. Tini mentiones the shop of Nicole C. Mendez on Etsy

More plain vanilla socks using yarn gifted by raveller Emilshaus

Rustling leaves beret by Alana Dakos from Coastal knits

It cannot fail to please from Susan Crawford and Jane Waller from A stitch in Time Vol.1

We talk about the yarnbombing in Berlin during the Olympic games organized greatly by Distelfliege. See the flickr pictures here.

Maria sadly was injured and hasn’t been knitting at all.



Maria has released two new patterns called  Olivia oversized tee with sleeves with Kimono sleeves and the Pernille Pencil dress

She is working on ebooks for workshops (in Danish, if you are attending Marias workshop in Denmark)

Maria also sews pouches as samples for the workshops.

Big news from Maria, she is working on a Danish online sewing magazine called


Tini has been sewing more like usuals. She finished the Day to night drape top by Maria with the sleeves from the Birgitte basic tee

and is working on a “Safari” Dress from Ottobre 2005 for the twins from stash fabric.  Tini mentiones the 2014: 14 Punkte challenge on the German Podcast group on Ravelry (Podcasting auf Deutsch)

Tini has been working on a 1973 kwik sew jeans pattern at the workshop in Denmark

On the horizon


Birgitte tees

Blazer jacket by burda

new webshop

new patterns, which are in the draft


More leather slippers

Brown eyed susan from Jujus Loops

Inspired by


Raveller Dzet from What’s in a tree house

Great British sewing bee

Life in Denmark/Life in Germany



Epidsode 31: Baby, you can drive my car (special episode)

February 16, 2014

Today we have a special episode for you. Maria and I together in a car! Not very structured but I hope, still a bit of fun for you until we are all well again and can record again.

team yeti

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Stuff we talk about:
Pomatomus socks

Terra (we took pictures, but I still have to get the pictures)

Little hearts

Teeny, tiny preemie hats

The kids christmas dresses

My new coverlock


Colour affection

Team Yeti 4 human rights (were tini is a captain and we are showing our support for the people in Russia, suffering from the inhuman laws the Putin regime puts onto the LGTB community and organisations working for human rights)

The ravatar is made by the very talented Distelfliege, host of the “Urbane Spinnstube” podcast  If you speak German, go over and listen!

The yarnbombing Distelfliege is organising.

30 – The One With Placentas (sorry!)

December 19, 2013

Another episode (warning – we talk about the weather again.-))

Listen HERE or via Itunes.

On/off/under the needles

Maria has been making a little progress on the color affection shawl. She also finished the first cardigan for niece Sofie and started another cardigan in a bigger size as well. (even though Tini thinks she didn’t knit at all…)

Tini has not only finished her Brickless shawl by Martina Behm out of Liza Souza Yarn (overdyed by herself) but has also made another one in a boring gray for a friend, alternating two different dyelots. She also finished the knitting on the Terra sweater – she had to recalculate thr pattern – including the sleeve cap. It worked out! She was also hit by insane-ness and suddenly decided to knit christmas gifts – a hat (ripley by Ysolda Teague) and socks for the kindergarten teachers… Insane!

Maria has been working on a few (upcoming) patterns – a cool (teen-age approved) oversized t-shirt. She has also been experimenting with prints on t-shirt – for instance screen printing at home and stencilling on the fabric. The other pattern is for a raglan sleeved pencil dress for a sweat shirt fabric or ponte knit. And we would like to know what the English word for the fabric we call isoli (sweatshirt fabric, cotton, usually – with a soft brushed wrong side) is? Help us?

Tini got rid of the Onion jacket 1023 she fished out of her UFO box a while ago. So good for her!

She is sewing the annual christmas dresses for the kids (no. 18 from the winter issue 2003 of the ottobre magazine ).From stash fabric (the same as she used for their firs CHristmas dresses).

Maria also made baby bed linen (with owls and embroidery) for the niece that was being baptised on Sunday.  (P.S. The mother liked the set!!!!)

New Years In Denmark and in Germany

If you want to hear about Christmas in Denmark and in Germany – listen to episode 19 and episode 20 (also includes last minute gift ideas!)

We talk about Danes need for watching the Queen’s speach on New Years. Then Tini talk about raclette and fondue.

We talk about TV traditions. We always watch Dinner For One (or 90’th birthday.)

After that, the Danes sing 3 songs. Germans don’t sing:-)

Tini has a notion

A plastic tube with darning needles by Clover called Chibi


We talked about our favourite fashion designers (Maria mentions Baum und Pferdgarden).

AND we also try to answer what has changed in Denmark and Germany since the late 80’s. (A lot!)

We also go into religion and politics – so if you don’t want that, skip this last part…. 🙂

Episode 29: Not 100% family friendly, not the least! (explicit!!)

November 9, 2013

Finally a new episode featuring Maria AND Tini!

Find it here or via itunes:

On/off/under the needles

Since August Tini has been knitting like crazy and has tons of finished objects.

First: The socks out of yarn, bought in Denmark 2 years ago, have beeing finished and there’s also a mini version for little E. now.

Next: Her Dads knitted birthday gift this year won’t be socks but a Jacques Cousteau Hat by Lolla Pohjanpalo, made out of leftovers from a sweater project from a couple of years ago.

Of course there’s been another Double bump wash cloth (and tini’s cotton stash is now reduced to 6 more skeins. YAY!!!).

But more exiting is the first finished brickless by Martina Behm out of overdyed Liza Souza Hardtwist Merino, that tini has finished so far.

The biggest project on tinis needles is Terra by Jacquelyn Jefferies out of deep stash Austermann Microlana. She used the app Knittrick like crazy! Worked very well!

Maria has been knitting! She has taught a sock class (over two Saturdays) and couldn’t find the samples she made last year – so she had to make a new set.. And then she was inspired to finish up the Winter Vanillas… She also (almost) finished the baby cardigan (still needs ends woven in + buttons…) And she got yarn for her birthday, from someone very nice, who knows her very well, and it was perfect for a new color affection, which she just cast on!

Tini has also been sewing, now that the new sewing room is finally finished.

Finished is another Maria Denmark Birgitte Basic Tee, which is Tini’s to-go pattern for t-shirts.

The mending pile in Tinis home is gone and now she is working on her two UFOs. A box bag, that has been cut out for months as well as the Onion 1023 jacket, that has been lying around since the beginning of the year.

Next up will be a knit fabric dress  ( No 5 from the autumn 2013 issue of Ottobre woman)

Maria has been sewing another Paula Pleat Skirt (new pattern, now released) and also she is working on a copy of a Cath Kidston bag in polka dot print – and also working on skinny jeans…. She also made baby clothes for Alvilda

Clothes for niece Alvilda

Clothes for niece Alvilda

Ask us anything

Violinit wanted us to teach a German/Danish word. Since Tini doesn’t know, what the newest cool word in Germany is, she went for “Vollpfosten”, which is an word for idiot.

Maria adds her own Danish words.

We also answer two more questions

I’ve got a notion

Tini talks about the Gleener, a fuzz remover that REALLY works!

28 – The one with summer in London!

October 14, 2013

Listen HERE or via Itunes.

Sorry, knitters, this is a special episode, featuring an interview with Deepika, who is the founder of (which is the online sewing site/forum where Maria and Tini met almost 11 years ago!)prmeetupgroup so not much knitting in here – all though we do talk about knitting!

We talk about what we like to sew, how Deepika got the idea of Patternreview and just generally chat.

Tini and Maria will be back shortly, we hope, with a normal episode (if there was ever such a thing:-))

Episode 27: the one with the rebellious cat

August 19, 2013

Find the newest episode here or via itunes.

I mention at the end of the podcast, that I changed the format, but it just did not work this time… argh….


Welcome to our new group members


Life in Denmark/life in Germany

We talk about kindergarten and kids im prams.

On/of/under the needles

Knittingwise it has been a bit slow for tini.

There was (of course) another dishcloth using the double bumb washcloth pattern by Missy Angus.

Cria by Ysolda Teague from Little red in the city is DONE (with pictures up on ravelry, so really done). The appliqué used it the Knitted flower pattern by Dianne Jones.

Tinis Cria

A little boy now has a Milo Vest (pattern by Georgie Hallam), no picture available since tini forgot to take one before she packed everthing into the parcel and mailed it off.

Only project on the needles: Plain vanilla socks using Arwetta Ficolana, a yarn, that tini bought in Denmark 2 years ago.

Maria is still working on the cardigan for her little niece using the essential baby cardigan.

Maria finally finished sewing all of the 21 cushions for her parents couch! There will be a post on Marias Blog soon!

There’s also a new pattern out by Maria, the Edith shirt dress with a round lapel, also a pattern for a shirt blouse. There’s also a top in progress, but Maria can’t talk about it.

At the moment Maria is working at a skirt pattern with inverted pleats.

Unbelievable but there has been sewing for tini. Tini finished the Annika A-Line skirt, the skirt that she had previously tested for Deepika from Patternreview. Now she has a nice fabric version as well.

We talk about how we choose a sewing machine, when buying one.


We review the Knittrick app and FabricU

There will be a new segment next show called “Ask us anything”, so go over to ravelry and ask us anything you like!

Episode 26: The one, where we celebrate (with a little drink)

July 15, 2013

Welcome to the newest epsiode! We celebrate our 10th anniversary and you can be part of that!

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Tini drinks Hugo, find a recipe here.

Find the episode here or via itunes.


A big welcome on board to our newest members


On/of/under the needles

Tini has finally finished the knitting on her Cria by Ysolda Teague. Now there are 1235 ends to weave in and the cardigan needs buttons, which she bought in Denmark at Tind Mohair.

Then there are the Rainbow from Space-Plain Vanilla socks and another dishcloth (Pattern: Double Bump Washcloth by Missy Angus)

Rainbow vanilla

Sewingwise Tini can’t show what she has been working on, since she was testing patterns, that weren’t released yet.

And of course there has been another pair of leather slippers (see a patternhere?)

Maria has released a new pattern called “Just a tank top” and had fun with her chickens during the photo shoot.

When Maria is sewing, she is making cushion covers for her Mum. There will be a lot  in total. More homedec is lurking on her, since her bonusdaughter needs new cushions and curtains for her room.

Knittingwise there has been some knitting for Maria on the cardigan for her niece, which she luckily chose a bigger size than needed for.

There’s a bit talking about the tour de fleece since Tini is a captain for Team Yeti, the German equivalent to Team Sasquatch

On the horizon
More cushions for Maria, Tini is going to sew some real garments from one of the test patterns and thinks about making a pattern by Veera Välimäki

Life with twins and kittens!

Maria has a new kitten. She/he hasn’t been named yet. We talk about the youtube video “An engineer’s guide to cats!”